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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Time!

Top: Topshop
Disco Pants: American Apparel

First and foremost MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I'm not feeling that festive at the moment, I'm walking round and saying 'Merry Christmas' to everyone but not believing it, I'm hoping I will feel Christmassy tomorrow though. It's my first day off in 8 days (that explains the lack of blogging recently, I've turned into a right workaholic) so I'm 100% ready for it and really looking forward to just chilling in my onesie, eating lots of lovely food and watching Christmas tv with my fam fam.

Anyways, onto this outfit, this is what I wore to go out for some drinks on Saturday night, I was going to wear a dress/skirt but realised it's December and it is vair vair cold on a night out so thought I would cover up a little bit and wear my faithful disco pants.  I bought this top a couple of weeks ago from Topshop, I love the colour of it and it has a gorgeous drop back (which I should have got a picture of, sorry!) but I was a little bit iffy about what to wear underneath as it is quite see-through (oh er).  I decided on my long-line bra which I don't think looks so bad, I didn't want to wear a little top underneath it as I think it takes something away from it.  

Also I decided to wear my fringe back off my face for the first time in like 6 months as it's gotten ridiculously long and I haven't had chance to cut it yet (note to self: cut fringe tomorrow!) It was quite nice to wear it off my face as I'm always really aware of my fringe and HATE it with a passion when I get a gap in it so it was nice to not worry about it for a night.  Sorry for the bad quality photo as well, I completely forgot about taking a photo before we went out so had to make do with a lovely loo shot haa!

I think it's gonna be an early night for me as I'm beyond exhausted so would like a good night sleep before Santa arrives! Ok so I don't really believe in Santa anymore but it's always fun to think that he really does exist.  I hope that everyone has a lovely lovely Christmas and enjoys the festivities! 


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