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Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Jumper

Jumper: River Island (old)

Today I whacked out the Christmas jumper to go Christmas shopping and about time I think too! It's so cold out at the moment but I was super duper warm in this.  I haven't been feeling that well since yesterday so Christmas shopping was the last thing that I wanted to do and I didn't even get that much for people, for some reason I'm really struggling this year, any suggestions for my Grandma would be brilliant! Haaa I joke.  As I wasn't feeling that brill, I wasn't in the mood to get too dressed up like I usually do when I go shopping so just threw this jumper, leggings and UGG's on and I was sooooo unbelievably comfy.

It's my works Christmas party tomorrow night and I still don't know what to wear, I've got it down to 2 outfits but still can't decide, I hate making decisions.  I just hope I'm feeling better by then because I'm really looking forward to it, just got a full day of work to get through first.  Anyways, I'm off to get changed into my onesie, curl up and watch The Dark Knight Rises in bed, what a wild Friday night I've got in store.  



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