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Saturday, December 15, 2012


FINALLLLLLY I own some Nike Blazers! I've been after these for agesss ever since my sister got her grey hi-top ones, my mum offered to buy me a pair too and STUPIDLY I declined but now I finally have some of my own.  I used my Schuh discount for the very first time and got a massive 40% off them so they were an absolute bargain, working at Schuh does have it's perks.  Everyone has Nike Blazers and I know that they are the "fashion" but hey I don't mind being a sheep if they look good.

Tomorrow is my last day off before Christmas and quite possibly New Year, I know Christmas is only next week but working 8 days in a row, having one day off and then working countless days after that is gonna be pretty tiring.  It sounds like absolute hell but I really do enjoy my jobs and I know that all that hard will pay off when I'm able to travel round Australia and support myself whilst I'm out there.  It's 34 days away now, I need to start thinking about what to pack now, think that could quite possibly be the scariest part!

What do you think of blazers? Have you latched onto the trend yet?


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