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Monday, November 26, 2012

Week in Pictures #7


001. Topshop wishlist, £596.50 I wish!!

002. Beth and I out in Warrington town :)

003. Milkybar advent calendar, hurry up December!

004. NERDS - best candy ever!

005. First day on the job!

006. Vain selfie.

007. Wore my Jones and Jones dress to my mums birthday.

008. I baked cakes :)

009. OOTD for work - disco pants, shirt and jumper.

010. Hello name badge at work!

011. Myself and Beth in Liverpool!

012. Coffee and cake for Mum's birthday.

013. TGIF

014. Cake and lemoncello.

Been a busy couple of weeks, it was my mums birthday then my sisters birthday so I haven't even started thinking about Christmas shopping yet! It's not long to go now though ahhh! I had my first day at Schuh this week and it went really well! It's abit hard to try and remember everything to say to the customers and also abit daunting as my managers are doing a checklist on me and I have to get a ridiculous percentage to pass, my next shift is on Friday so fingers crossed I will do okay.  I've got my Christmas hours through as well and looks like I'll be working everyday (well give or take a day) right up till Christmas, busy busy Tasha but this also means more money for Oz! 53 days now! 

Hope everyone has had a good week! Follow me on instagram @hellotasha18

ps. Blogger is being weird and won't let me align my pictures straight :(


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