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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week in Pictures #6

Just a round up of photos from the past week or so.

001.  Halloween.
002.  Generic nail picture.
003.  OOTD to go shopping to Liverpool.
004.  Beth enjoying her sundae far too much.
006.  OOTD for lunch with Grandee.
007.  Massive cocktail out in Warrington.
008.  The morning after the night before.
009.  Halloween 2.
010.  Much needed Starbucks and yey for Christmas cups!
011.  Autumn.
012.  Saw Mcfly at a signing - so beautiful!

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I'm so exhausted right now, I went out in Warrington with Beth and we got home at 6:45am! Was a great night out but I'm just far too tired to do anything right now and am seriously considering going to bed now, yep at 7:30pm.  Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :)


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