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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Playsuit: Motel Rocks

What is this, another outfit post! I'm getting good at these haa!  This is what I wore on Saturday night to go out for my sisters birthday in Liverpool.  I bought this playsuit a couple of weeks ago and managed to get student discount and I used my store credit so it was only £33 bargain or what?  I was slightly unsure about it at first as it is rather short (fine with tights though) and is rather low-cut (hello bra poking out there!) but once I put it on with my hair and make-up all done I felt a lot better.  Playsuits are so easy to wear and the long sleeves make this a perfect outfit for going out in Winter as it's so cold nowadays.  I was contemplating wearing this to my Christmas party but I'm unsure whether it's Christmas party attire or just town attire, what do you reckon?

I had a really good night, we started off at Bar Cava, the tequila bar but only had 2 shots each, my friend Beth can't stand tequila so her disgusted tequila face was out in full force.  We then headed to The Krazyhouse which is my sisters favourite club, it's massive with 3 floors and music ranges from rock/screamo/indie/chart so you will always find a floor that you like.  We did have to cut the night short as one of my sisters friends got ridiculously drunk but it was a good night nonetheless.  



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