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Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Job!

Remember when I said that I had an interview for a job and that it didn't go so well? Well turns out it went better than I expected as I got the job! Yes I'm now a Christmas Temp at Schuh! I'm so excited as I love Schuh and loved working on shoes at my previous Topshop store so I'm hoping I can do a good job.  Being a Christmas temp fits in perfectly with my schedule as I'm leaving for Oz in January and as the contracts start at 3 hours a week (I'll be doing more than that though) I can work around my job at Jones and Jones.  I had my induction today which was great, there are so many shoes I can see myself getting lost in that stockroom and my first shift is on Tuesday!  Wish me luck :)

As well as starting this job this week I also have overtime at Topshop.  We have a new concession in our store and I'm so excited about it, it's Motel! (Although the stock that they have sent us isn't the best.)  So this week I'm setting it up in store and am running it for the next couple of weeks until they can find someone suitable to run it full time.  This means that technically I'm working three jobs this week, what a busy bee but all this extra cash goes straight into my Oz fund!


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