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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Bumble and Bumble Surf SprayMulberry PurseIpad MiniModels Own 'Pink Fizz'River Island JacketJeffrey Campbell Lita SpikeMarvel 6 Movie CollectionArmani Foundation

HELLO! Feels like I haven't blogged in ages, had a slight bloggers block I guess.  Well it is officially 47 days till Christmas and 72 days till I go off out to the big wide world that is Australia (time is flying by so fast!) So far my Christmas list is Australian dollars/money that can be exchanged for Australian dollars so but I thought I would make this little wishlist anyway (wishlist indeed!)

After not straightening my hair in however long it is, I have found a love for surf spray/salt spray and have heard so many good things about Bumble and Bumble that I would just love to try it!  A Mulberry purse to match my handbag (it's essential non?).  I went to the Trafford Centre last week and fell head over heels in love with the iPad Mini, it's just so cute, lightweight and would just be perfect for skyping with the famfam when I'm in Aus, personally I don't think it's that expensive and I'm seriously considering buying myself one as a Christmas present to myself.  The River Island jacket is just oh so beautiful, defo don't need it as I already have my military and my leather jacket but it's a wishlist so hey ho.  Another pair of Jeffrey Campbells will always be on my wishlist as they are just so damn comfy and go with everything.  I've recently become a huge Avengers/Marvel fan and in this box-set you get 6 Marvel films (Iron Man 1/2, Thor, Avengers Assemble, Captain America, The Hulk) so it's a bargain!  Think if I owned this I would just watch Marvel film after Marvel film after Marvel film.  Last but not least, Armani foundation Luminous Silk, I've found it's the best foundation ever, really suits my skin and has amazing coverage but at £34 a pop it's quite pricey for all the time usage.

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  1. Great wishlist! I want it all too!! Xx

    1. I know right! Think I would die if I owned all this haha xx


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