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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Chelsea Dagger

So after making my ASOS Winter Boots Wishlist post I caved and bought these ASOS beauties.  £50 but £45 with student discount so they were a bargain really.  Well they arrived today and I was like YESS NEW BOOTS GAHSFYUAKLKHGSFGHJKDFGH then when I put them on it was just like oh is that what they look like on, hmmm, I don't know if I like them or not.  They are quite stiff (duh they are new), are a lot higher than normal chelsea boots and are quite wide at the front (if that makes sense?) like there is a noticeable gap between my ankle and the shoe? I don't know whether it's me being realllllly picky or they look bad? I absolutely love the colour of them and will go with a lot of my wardrobe but I'm just not sure whether they are too high/wide.  I'm going Trafford Centre (YEY does a mini dance!) so I'm gonna have a look around and see if I see any others that take my fancy or just try different pairs on to see if they are all like that.  Murr I dunno. 
This is quite a negative (ish) post but a blog is for sharing views etc so hey ho. 

Any one else have Chelsea boots like these or have the same problem? Or think I'm just being really silly and should just wear them anyway?



  1. That sucks! They look so perfect. If you're having doubts about them now it's probably best just sending them back xo

    1. I had a look round when I went shopping yesterday and I couldn't find any others or when I did they were like £100 so I think for £45 I'm gonna stick with these, I bought some chunky ankle socks which look nice with them and solve the front gap problem haha! xx

  2. I've bought the black ones and when I had them in my hands I was like, is this real leather..
    They feel so cheap! Walked a bit and there were already wrinkles on it. So I think that I'm
    gonna send them back. What have you done? X

    1. Oh really! I've worn mine nearly everyday now and absolutely love them! They're so comfy! I think the wrinkles just make them look worn, I don't think I would want mine to be clean cut if you get me x


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