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Sunday, October 28, 2012

See heavens got a plan for you

Jeans: Firetrap
Jumper: Hollister

A casual outfit today for going to lunch with my Grandma, twas lovely :) 

001. This week has gone by so quickly, it will soon be Christmas then New Year then travelling times!! Gahh I'm getting so excited now, I've got a few travelling books now, everything is paid for (just need to get my insurance) and this week my mum bought me my rucksack so I'm all set! 

002. It's been a good week at work, not very busy though even though it was pay weekend it still wasn't as busy as it usually is.  A lady was obviously on a shopping spree though as she spent £325 on Jones and Jones dresses (5 dresses!!) for her birthday party as she couldn't decide which one she wanted because she liked them all!  £325 is half of my plan for the week so that's good but I guess that means that she will return them all next which will effect my plan then, ahhh.

003. I FINALLY watched The Devil Inside after it being on my Love Film list for months and months and was so excited to see it and now I wish I hadn't bothered.  Crap is an understatement.  So rubbish.  Very glad I didn't waste my money by seeing it at the cinema.

004. Was meant to be going to a Halloween party on Saturday night but I decided to not go, was too knackered after work and after being out for the past so many weekends I just wanted to chill and watch X-factor with my mum, I'm a sorry excuse for a 21 year old but I'm out tomorrow night as I'm going back to Preston to see my old housemates and will finally be re-united with Squires (favourite club EVER!) gahhh it's gonna be amazing!! Although, my friends are being gay and don't want to dress up properly (ahem Zoe!!) so think I'm just gonna dress normally but do crazy face make-up but we will see. I really got into the spirit of things last year and dressed as Malice in Wonderland last year  and loved it! I'm not doing anything on actual Halloween so thinking I might just be really sad and dress up like this anyway and scare little kids that come to my door!



  1. I like the shirt! lovely blog, got yourself a new follower :)

    1. Thank you lovelyy! Following you back now! :) xx

  2. Hey name-twin :) cute ombre hair! x

    1. haha HEYY! Thank you! Your blog is lovely, got yourself a new follower :) xx


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