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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nikki Minaj Gig!


Just a couple of snaps from the Nikki Minaj gig I went to on Sunday night, I only took them on my phone and these are the best ones I managed to get as she was moving around too much.  Anyway onto the gig, she was half hour late onto the stage, eventually starting at 9:50pm which was quite annoying as we were standing there waiting for 50 minutes for her to come on but it was oh so worth it.  She played a full 2 hour set which is unheard of for artists and it was jam packed with songs off her album.  Her hits such as Super BassPound The Alarm and Starships went down an absolute storm as it also did whenever she shaked her bum (it really is MASSIVE!).  I've never been to an R'n'B/hip-hop gig before as my gig history is rock/pop/Leeds Festival so it was very odd and quite eye-opening, I came to the conclusion that I'm not quite black enough for a Nikki Minaj gig as there were people who could recite all the lyrics (yes even the rapping) and were giving it proper beans when they were dancing, I was doing the best I could but think I looked a little bit silly! 
She had around 5/6 costume changes, each more provocative than the next and emphasising her best assets aka her bum and boobs, and each time she changed her hairstyle, she went from a long blonde wig to a blue and pink rinse to a pink crimped look, obviously rocking each one.  Although, she did take a long while to get changed in between and it was quite annoying waiting around.  At times, they had a DJ on but there was one time when there was complete silence (well as silent as you can get in a massive arena) and it just seemed awkward.  It was the first night of the tour so I guess she needed to get into the swing of it. 
 In summary though, she was amazing live, full of energy and rapped every line perfectly, I would recommend anyone to go and see her, well worth the ticket price as it wasn't just a gig, it was a show!


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