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Monday, October 01, 2012

Gangnam Style

This is what I wore on Saturday night when I went out in Warrington with a couple of friends.  It's such a simple statement dress and I love the colour of it!  Unfortunately it isn't available on the website anymore (some stores might still have them though) so I'm glad I got it when I could.  I got quite a few compliments about it when I was out which was very lovely as well.  I just teamed it with my black heels and black clutch with it, nice and simple.  

I had a brilliant night out, lots of dancing, (which included Gangnam Style, yes myself and Beth have perfected the dance routine!!!) laughing and lots of drinks.  We go to this one bar where they do massive cocktails, the one we get has strawberry laces in it, I don't know what else but it's so yummy!!

Sunday consisted of lying on the sofa catching up with X-Factor, watching films and stuffing our mouths with food.  Lazy days are amazing!  Then it was back to work today, it was really the last place that I wanted to be, have started to feel abit groggy and run down, I hope I'm not getting the flu, cannot be ill for next weekend as it's LONDON timeeeee to see my other bestie Sarah! 

Until then, I will leave you with this....


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