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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Film Review: Sinister

I was very excited to see this film and it didn't disappoint, it was good! I enjoyed the storyline, was slightly slow at first giving all the details but it got there in the end.  I love horror films, they are my ultimate favourite genre and I rarely get scared of them, this film however was different. I found it very scary and was covering my eyes at certain times! That is a first for me!  The film uses found footage from a 35mm camera which is awful awful to watch! And the mask, don't even get me started on that, masks are the worst thing about horror films and the one in this film is horrifying!! You don't even see it that often but when you do GAHHHHH!

Have you seen the advert for this film? The one where they are doing an experiment on the audience to see whether their heart-rates vary and whether they sweat in the scary parts etc? Well all the way through this film, I was constantly thinking of that advert and whether my heart was racing, at times it was, especially when that mask came on or I knew it was about to appear!

The music helped with the suspense of the film, sometimes it might have been slightly overpowering but it worked.  I thought that Ethan Hawke as the protagonist was a good choice but there were other actors who could have portrayed the character better, also where has Ethan Hawke been for ever?  Juliet Rylance as his wife was a very very odd choice, I had never even heard of her before and didn't like the fact that she was British, I always find it very odd/confusing when there is a British person in an American film.  There is nothing wrong with it, I just prefer all of the actors to be either American or all of them to be British.

All in all, the film is good, quite scary and very jumpy so if you don't like that kind of film then this isn't the film for you.  But it's one of the best horrors that I've seen in a while so I would definitely recommend giving it a watch.


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