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Monday, October 15, 2012

Disco Disco

 Shirt: Topshop
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Trainers: Urban Outfitters

Here's my new shirt that I mentioned I bought in one of my previous posts and I'm very much in love with it.  I love the cut, the colour block and especially the little navy top button! The body of it is actually a very pale pink so I just popped a nude vest underneath.  I teamed it with my disco pants, as I always do, I actually don't know what I would do if I didn't own disco pants, I wear them religiously as they are perfect for a night out or just smartening up an outfit like today.  I used to wear jeans quite often but now I rarely do (unless I'm going for a mega casj look) as I much prefer to wear my disco pants.  And to finish off the outfit, my sparkly flatform trainers! Like my disco pants, I've been wearing them nearly everyday as they are so unbelievably comfortable and again dress up any outfit.  I've received lots of compliments about them and have been told that I look like the Spice Girls circa 1996 (which I bloody loved!)

Sale started at work today, I love working in retail but sale is just unbearable.  Crazy customers shoving anything and everything out of the way to pick out the discounted stock, most of the time which is the hideous stock that the shop can't shift.  Currently in our sale, we have stock that you think you have seen the back of but no they keep returning onto the racks every single time.  If it doesn't sell once, why don't you just get rid of it as it surely isn't gonna sell the second time round no matter how low the price is.  Even as a shopper, I rarely shop in sales as I can't stand them and I never seem to find anything anyway.  Sorry for the mini rant, I just can't stand sale and it's only the first day of it! God help me at Christmas!

Are you a crazy sale shopper? Or you like me and avoid them at all costs?


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