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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week in Pictures #3



This is a general catch up as I haven't done a week in pictures in a while.

001. Got a chocolate for giving great service at work!

002.  Literally haven't taken this bowler hat off, it's just permanently attached to my head.  

003.  Myself and my bezzie on a night out in Liverpool.


005.  Driving to Hogwarts with the fambo!

006.  Some people taking it a little bit too far at HP studios, they weren't even dressed like Harry Potter....

007.  Had a cut and dye job, nearly all my blonde had gone so needed to get it re-done.  Had the blonde put in a bit higher in my hair as well, cost me £80, total rip off but oh well.

008.  Hello 2:1 in BA (Hons) Film Production!!

009.  OOTD in London visiting the V&A museum (I spy bowler hat)

010.  Having far too much fun in the science museum with my sister.

011.  My friends birthday cake, it has little tiny photos of her around the edging as well!

012.  I used to hate my hair when it dried naturally but it's kinda growing on me....

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