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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Victoria Sponge

I attempted to post this hours ago (when I was eating a lovely Victoria Sponge, hence the title) but my crappy internet started playing up so it only allowed me to post it now.  This post is just an update really.

001. Have been very busy at work this week, have served some lovely customers which always makes me happy as it shows that I'm doing a good job and am a good sales advisor but then have had some god awful customers eg. a lady wanted 50% (yes 50!) off a dress because one of the pleats had come out, I offered her maximum 20% off but she looked at me as if I was a piece of dirt and walked out of the store!  I gave her different options of dresses etc but she was having none of it, I probably shouldn't have broadcast that over the internet but oh well!  My boss came in to see me and was very happy with how I was progressing and with all my stock so that just put me in an even better mood!

002. As work has been so hectic I've been so tired that I haven't been to any of my exercise classes this week.  AND I have eaten like an absolute slob so am not feeling all that great but am getting back into my exercising and healthy (ish) eating next week.  I will.....

003. I managed to catch up with my best friends this week which was lovely! Wednesday night, myself and Beth had a dinner and cinema date, we had a 3 course meal at Frankie and Bennys (garlic bread, gnocchi and apple crumble/cream, yum yum yum!) and then went to watch Ted.  Yes I know it's been out for a while now but we haven't had chance to watch it.  I loved it, I am a MASSIVE Family Guy fan so was full on buzzing about this film and I really enjoyed it, made me laugh out loud and immensely enjoyed Ryan Reynold's little cameo (ERR HELLO YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN!), although there were times when I was like oooh ok, why is this happening, can we move on already.  It was good though, worth a watch!  
Thursday day, my best friend Sarah was home from China (yeyyy!) so she squeezed me in for a lunch date, I briefly talked about this in my last post but no matter how much time goes between us seeing/speaking to each other nothing ever changed.  It's amazing :)  

004. I love horror films so when Beth was coming over (told you I have seen a lot of my friends this week!) I asked her to bring a couple with her so we could watch one.  We chose Halloween (re-make) and I throughly enjoyed it! I don't get scared of horror films, especially slasher movies as they are all quite predictable but yet I never get bored of them.  I've borrowed Halloween 2 (amongst others) as well so I might watch that this week, although I do have my Love Film which is The Help and also have The Artist to watch (I know I know I can't believe I still haven't seen it either!)

005. Hectic week over and tomorrow is looking like it's going to be a rest day, my plan is to watch all of the above films and lounge about in bed all day.

006. I got some new stock at work yesterday and am already looking at my next piece of uniform! Gahh it would look so amazing with my Jeffrey Campbells or could quite easily dress it down for work.

Sorry this has been quite a long post, I didn't realise I had so much to say, but I guess that's always the way huh? 

Have any of you seen any of the films that I mentioned? What did you think? Got any recommendations for me?  What do you think of the Jones and Jones dress, should I get it?


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