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Monday, September 03, 2012


Top: Topshop
Boots (no picture): Topshop

Aloha! Been a while since my last outfit post, I'm still getting in the hang of this blogging and still getting used to taking photos of myself, it always feels so stupid standing there posing in front of the camera, personally I prefer to be taking the photos instead of being in them but there we go.  

This is what I wore for work today, all Topshop as always! The skirt has a dip-hem (tried to get a photo of it) so is bang on trend and the grey/silver colour is such a great colour to wear.  The material is quite thin so I always wear tights or a little underskirt as it can get quite see-through! I teamed it with this casual peace top as I was only heading to work but dressed it up with my boots.  When I walked outside this morning, it was rather chilly (damn you September!) so I rushed back in and threw some tights on but regretted it as soon as I got to work as it the temperature had defo warmed up! It was lovely weather and I really wish I had worn something a little more summery but hey ho.


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