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Friday, September 28, 2012


Jumper: Topshop

Well look what it is, an outfit post! I'm gradually getting into them, it all depends on whether I've got the time before work, I don't tend to do them on my days off cos usually everyone is in the house and I still don't want them knowing about this blog (it's my secret little piece of the internet haa).  But anyway I thought it was about time I showed of this lavely lavely jumper that I got when I went down to London the other week.  Oh and look where it's from? Topshop, yes where all my wardrobe comes from.  I'm still totally in love with anything ombre, (my hair included, I wasn't sure if the ombre trend was dying out or whether I should get rid of it as everyone seems to have it now but I still love it to much to let it grow out), so I snapped this jumper up as soon as I saw it in Oxford Circus.  It's a gorgeous cable knit and is slightly oversized which is another reason why I love it as you can layer it up like I did with a shirt or just wear it on it's own and layer over it.  Although, it is incredibly warm, I think it was slightly too warm to wear to work today but in the coming months it will be great.


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