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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Magenta Divine

For the past so many months, I've used bio sculpture gel nails which last up to about three weeks.  I've had a variety of colours and was surprised at how I didn't feel the need to change my nails every week like I used too.  I love the gel nails but after a while and when they are ready to come off, they do start to lift which can get quite annoying.  Here are just a few snaps of my previous nails.

I've been lusting over Models Own nail varnishes (£5) for a while now but never bought any as I always had the gel nails but I caved and decided to pick myself up this pink glittery number.  As it happens, my gel nails all fell off apart from my glitter finger so I decided to keep it and just paint the rest of my fingers.

Verdict: I LOVE it! Very easy to apply and dries extremely quickly.  Will defo be going out to buy some more!.

In other news, Models Own are having a sale when they reach 100,000 "likes" on facebook.  £2.50 for a nail varnish is a bargain and a half! Like away guys!



  1. What a stunning colour! I love glittery polishes! The only thing is sometimes they're a pain to remove. I'd love to try gel nails!

    Robyn Mayday

    1. Thank you! OMG tell me about it, I sit there for hours trying to scrub it off - not ideal! Gel nails are amazing, I would defo recommend them! xx


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