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Sunday, September 16, 2012

London/Harry Potter Studio!

Last week I went on a little trip to London and went to visit the Harry Potter Studio! I am the biggest Harry Potter fan ever and also as a film-maker I was unbelievably excited for going to visit.  I can't believe it's taken me so long to go down there seems as it opened in March/April, but eventually I managed to get down there.

I also managed to squeeze in abit of shopping, didn't buy much though, just a few bits from Topshop as per, I always find that I never seem to buy a lot when I go down south as there isn't anything different to what I have at home.  I am majorly lusting over a pair of flatforms that I found in Urban Outfitters though (can't seem to find a link) so will have to wait an see if I purchase them.  Apart from shopping, I did enjoy some culture.  Having never been to any of the museums in London I thought it was about time I gave them a go.  I visited the V&A which was beautiful and so big that I didn't manage to get around all of it but I saw the parts that I wanted to see so was good.  I also went to the Science Museum as my sister wanted to go.  I didn't particularly want to go as I don't enjoy Science but she came to the V&A so I couldn't really complain. Although, I did enjoy all the hands on games on one of the floors but quickly gave up when I had forgotten how to connect a circuit (oops!).

Words cannot even describe how AMAZING the Harry Potter Studio was, I'm still in awe of it really and think I will be for a long time.

Sorry this is mainly a pictures post but it's easier to describe with images then words.


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