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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week in Pictures #2

001. My new pants from Marks and Spencer, I absolutely LOVE them! They have a blue, purple, black print which is just amazing, as all the detail is in the pants, all you need is a simple black top to go with it.

002.  FINALLY booked the Harry Potter studio tour after months and months of asking, it is finally happening. I am BEYOND excited as I am a full on Harry Potter fan and also a film geek so it's just going to be the most brilliant day.  Have also scheduled a little trip into Landan town too which will be nice.

003.  Starbucks is always needed in the morning before work.

004.  As is Red Bull.

005.  This is my new Jones and Jones dress on my uniform.  I chose it as I haven't got a red dress and have been told that I suit the colour.  I wore it for work on Saturday with neutral tights and my little pale pink flats.

006.  I had my nails re-done, they were WELL overdue, all falling off and had grown too much so I was very grateful for them to be re-done.  I chose pink (as always) but this time, instead of going for all fingers glittery, I decided to just have the one finger in glitter, just for a change ya know.  (Picture isn't the best of the glitter)


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