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Friday, August 17, 2012

Week in Pictures #1

001. My travel journal.  So far it only has 3 holidays in (Alaska, Las Vegas and China) and it's jam packed! Defo need a bigger one for my next travels.  I tend to hoard every little scrap of paper or anything that reminds me of my holiday, whether that be receipts, flyers, menus or drinks mats (believe me I do have a drinks mat!) and then stick it in my journal.  I've only just started doing it but I really wish I had started ages ago, it's a brilliant way for me to remember my holidays.

002. Self-photo from today.  Loving my new Hello Kitty phone case too!

003. I took this photo cos I swear that Freddo's are getting smaller! They used to be a hell of a lot bigger and also a lot cheaper!

004. Wednesday work day outfit.  New studded phone case!

005. This is my China photo-frame that I have EVENTUALLY got on my wall.  Only taken me a year! It's only small but it's a reminder of my travels over there with my best friend.  I miss it so much and would love to go back there.


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