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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rita Ora gig!

This was a very unexpected night out but they always turn out to be the best don't they?  My sister and her friend had tickets to see Rita Ora at Manchester Sound Control and asked if I wanted to tag along.  I didn't have a ticket so was hoping to pick one up outside.  They bought their tickets for £11.50 so I was aiming to get one for around £15.  Usually when you go to gigs, there are many touts trying to sell tickets but here there was only one and he wanted to sell me the ticket for £30!! I wasn't having any of that and he wouldn't go below 20 so I was ready to just head back home when I was approached by another guy who was selling them.  He said I could have a ticket for £15 WAHEY! He then continued to say that I had to walk straight in and skip the queue, which I did! WAHEY! The security guard then asked to see my ticket, I was stood there in total bewilderment when the guy who sold me the ticket piped up and said "oh don't worry, she's on the guest-list" to which the guard wished me a good night and told me carry on in.  AS IF! I couldn't believe it! So after not having a ticket, I managed to get one for £15, skip the queue and get on the guest-list! In all fairness, it wasn't really a guest-list as I didn't get anything else but it sounds cool to say it.

 On to the gig, Manchester Sound Control is a tiny place, perfect for gigs, with great views wherever you stand, we actually stood at the back but you can't really class it as the back because you're still so close to the stage.  Personally, I find that smaller venues are better as you can get up close and personal with the act and I find that they involve the audience more.  Rita Ora is gorgeous and so full of life! If you watched her on the X-factor last week, you will understand what a lovely person she is and it totally showed last night, she introduced each song with either why she wrote it, why she loves performing it, what it reminds her of etc, I always love it when artists talk about their music in that way as it shows that they truly love what they do.  And boy can she sing!! Sometimes when you go to watch an artist, they do sound totally different but no the way you hear her record is the way that she sounds live.  From the energetic 'Hot Right Now' to the stripped back acoustic 'Hello Hi Goodbye' she was consistently amazing.  She ran through her album including 'Hot Right Now' and 'R.I.P' (which the audience totally lapped up!) and ended with her current record 'How We Do.'  To summarise, it was an AMAZING gig and I would defo recommend anyone going to see Rita Ora if you get the chance!


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