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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not so Super 8

As a major film geek, signing up to Love Film was a must for me.  Having rented over 50 films already and a further 68 films on my ever growing list, it's a brilliant system for watching the films without paying the expensive price that comes with purchasing the DVD or for those who have missed the film at the cinema, which is usually what happens to me.

My latest rent was Super8 directed by J.J. Abrams and starring Elle Fanning, AJ Michalka and Kyle Chandler to name a few.  The film surrounds a group of young friends who not only witness but film a train crash and soon they realise that it may not have been accident, the film follows the group as they try and investigate the strange events that are suddenly taking place in their town.

I was extremely excited about seeing this film, I had such high hopes for the story and the characters and they were all dashed as the film was a let down.  I thought the film would focus more around the fact that the young group had filmed this dramatic event (the train crash), hence the title Super 8, and then the consequences and after effects after it whereas it just turned into a monotonous monster movie. Personally, there were too many characters involved and too many sub-plots; characters being involved in a way they didn't imagine, young love, a fathers relationship with his son, the list is endless and I felt that the story was disconnected such as the young group making the film had no relation to the monster creating havoc over the town.  The positive side of the film was the production values, visually it looked slick, the train crash in particular.

I enjoyed it, as I do any film but I did feel deflated after watching it, I guess I just expected more from a Steven Spielberg collaboration.  

Anybody else seen Super 8? Anyone else agree with me or have a different view?


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