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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not pink

Sorry for my lack of blogging recently, been very busy, but if you asked me what I've been up to I wouldn't be able to remember!

I've been wanting to dye the ends of my hair pink for a while now, having had extensions done of them last year I wanted to do it to my actual hair but as I said in my previous post, it was actually having the courage to do it.  So I chose my dye and eventually ordered it.  I chose 'Crazy Colour' in Candyfloss pink and persuaded my mum to do it for me.  On the bottle, it says to apply on towel dried hair and leave for 15-30 minutes, so I followed these instructions, decided to leave it for the full 30 minutes to get the full effect.  Washed it through and was my hair pink? No.  It was defo not pink, more orangey.  Well that was not what I wanted so I applied it again and left it another 30 minutes.  This time, my ends were slightly more pink but not what I had anticipated.  But then, when I washed it through, all the pink came out so my hair was back to blonde.  By this point, I had used up half of the bottle and still had no pink in my hair so decided to give up.

I don't understand why it didn't take on my hair? The ends of my hair are blonde enough so why didnt it work.  Maybe I chose a wrong colour? Maybe if I had bought a bright pink it would have worked better but oh well.  Has anybody else used 'Crazy Colour' and had this problem? Anybody got any suggestions on how to make the dye take?


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