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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crew Love

Yesterday I was in work, I love working Mondays as I do all my paper-work for Jones and Jones and can hide away in the stock room whilst doing it.  As part of my contract I have to work an hour for Topshop on every shift, so I hadn't completed my paperwork but was on the floor doing my Topshop hour and realised that it was 12 o'clock and I only had an hour left of my shift and hadn't finished all my paperwork, cue Tasha going on a full on panic! So I rushed to finish it all, which I did but then I was asked to do a couple little jobs such as adding an extra arm to my fixture etc, by his point it was 13:20 and I was saying to myself 'WOW I've stayed an extra twenty minutes HOME TIME FOR ME!' I said goodbye to everyone, see you on Wednesday, went upstairs to collect my bags and leave when one of the girls said 'don't you finish at 2 Tasha?' Yes I did.  It was 13:20 and I had mistakenly thought that I was working 9-1 when I actually I was working a 10-2.  So being the huge geek that I am, I went back downstairs and worked the rest of my shift till it was ready to go home at 2 o'clock.  I'm so ditzy sometimes it's unbelievable.

Mondays also mean Zumba time.  If you haven't tried Zumba then I really encourage you to.  It's a great way to get fit and basically just have fun along the way.  I've tried many different classes at my local gym, at Uni but have eventually found one that is challenging and fun! We Zumba to all the current songs (I always find myself singing along!) and you really feel like you've done a good workout at the end of it.  The Zumba class lasts for 45 minutes then there is an additional class which is Zumba Toning.  As the name suggests it focuses on toning the body with exercises for the arms, abdominals, legs and bum.  I  have been going this class for a couple of weeks now and at first it was VERY tough but it's been getting easier which is always good.  But I am feeling rotten this morning, everywhere aches but I suppose that's the good thing about exercise, you know when you've done a good job when you can feel it the next morning! As I said, I would defo encourage Zumba and Zumba toning if you want an easy and fun way to keep fit.


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